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solo exhibitions

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group exhibitions

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My Immigration Papers 2016


Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK as the Partner of a Person Present and Settled in the UK and a Biometric Immigration Document

Stroke - Mural Studies 2016

Identities - London 2016

Street Series - Hotel No:81 Collection Bodrum/Turkey 2015


Living Room with Signac, Digital illustration

Piografiks - Prints 2014

Prints on marble ; rainforest, portogallo, carrara, travertine 15 x 15 cm

Piografiks - Digital Studies

Collaboration with Margherita Potenza RCA 2016

Exercises of "Sustainable Laziness" with Margherita Potenza 2016

Zuwang - Sitting Forgetting / painting for Margherita Potenza 2016

GÖZ 2016

Unit made of ; rainforest marble, iron, screenprinting

Death Smells Acacia, Duo Show with Jennifer Ipekel 
Set Studios Bermondsey 2018 August

Analog photos Debora Ipekel

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